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Historic Documents on Women



In this section of our web site we will repost a variety of documents produced by Revolutionary Regroupment's political predecessors, concentrating on the post-WW 2 period of the Trotskyist movement. While we seek to continue the work and build on the contributions of those who came before us, we do not dogmatically defend past mistakes that may inevitably have been committed. Therefore our posting these documents reflects broad agreement, not an uncritical adherence to every secondary argument and formulation. For a fuller documentation see the Marxists Internet Archive ( and material published on the web site of the International Bolshevik Tendency ( before our break with them on 9/25/08.



Please read our introduction to these documents



Added 3/8/13; Civilised Europeans and Savage Asians by V.I. Lenin. First printed in Pravda No. 87, April 14, 1913


Added 3/8/11; Communism and the Family by Alexandra Kollontai. First published in Komunistka, No. 2, 1920, and in English in The Worker, 1920


Added 3/8/13; Thermidor in the Family by Leon Trotsky. Excerpt from the book The Revolution Betrayed, 1936.


Added 3/30/10; Women Who Won The Right to Vote: The Suffragist Movement by Joyce Cowley. First printed in Fourth International, Spring 1955. Joyce Cowley was one of the original signers of the June 1962 "In Defence of the Revolutionary Program", the founding statement of the Revolutionary Tendency within the US Socialist Workers Party.


Added 3/8/13; Girl, 17, Dies of Abortion; Where Does the Guilt Really Lie? by Judy Mage. First printed in The Young Socialist, Vol. 1 #5, February 1958  


Added 3/1/09: The Fight For Women's Liberation Revolutionary Marxist Caucus position paper presented at the Students for a Democratic Society December 1969 conference.


Added 3/29/12; Women and the Permanent Revolution First printed in Workers Vanguard # 17 March 1973


Added 4/4/09: Toward a Communist Women's Movement! First printed in Women and Revolution #4, Fall 1973


Added 3/31/14; Maoism and the Family First printed in Women & Revolution #7, Autumn 1974


Added 3/1/09: International Women's Day: A Proletarian Holiday First printed in Women and Revolution #8, Spring 1976


Added 3/30/10; The Private Life of Islam: A Review First printed in Women & Revolution #10, Winter 1975-76


Added 5/12/12; Soviet Women: A Stalinist Apology First printed in Women & Revolution #10, Winter 1975-76.


Added 3/8/11; Early Bolshevik Work Among Women of the Soviet East First printed in Women and Revolution # 12, Summer 1976


Added 5/12/12; Solidarnosc: A Man's World First printed in Spartacist Britain #37, November 1981


Added 3/30/10; Feminism & ‘Moral Panics’ First printed in 1917 No.2, Summer 1986


Updated 3/14/09: Smash Anti-Abortion Reaction! First printed in 1917 #7, Winter 1990. Also included are the box "Women and the Russian Revolution" originally appended to this article and an undated Bolshevik Tendency leaflet produced from the late 80's titled "No More Wire Hangers!"


Added 4/4/09: Marxism, Feminism & Women's Liberation First printed in 1917 #19, 1997