For the rebirth of the Fourth International! - Pelo renascimento da Quarta Internacional!

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Historic Documents

Revolutionary Will & Determination

--as inspiration for the coming new year and the years ahead! (12/31/08)



Posted 12/31/08; On Optimism and Pessimism. On the 20th Century and on Many Other Issues. By Leon Trotsky (1901).


Posted 12/31/10; Order Prevails in Berlin by Rosa Luxemburg. First printed in Rote Fahne 14 January, 1919.


Posted 12/31/12; Eugen Leviné’s Last Speech, June 1919


Posted 12/31/15; Job Sverdlov by Leon Trotsky 1927 (new)  


Posted 12/31/14; On the Founding of the Fourth International. by Leon Trotsky (October 28, 1938)


Posted 12/31/11; Fighting Against the Stream by Leon Trotsky (April 1939)


Posted 12/31/10; Splinters in Politics and Art (1938) by Leon Trotsky. Excerpted from "Art and Politics in our Epoch” Fourth International, March-April 1950


Posted 12/31/12; A Letter to Trotsky (from Vietnamese Trotskyists),  May 18, 1939


Posted 12/31/13; Testament of Leon Trotsky, Feb. 27, 1940.


Posted 12/31/09; Declaration of the International Communists of Buchenwald, April 20, 1945. English translation with an introduction printed in Spartacist #26, Winter 1979.  


Posted 12/31/10; Sixtieth Birthday Speech by James P. Cannon. Transcribed from wire recording. Los Angelos, California March 4 1950. 


Posted 12/31/08; "The decision to join the Trotskyist Camp" By James P. Cannon. Written May 27, 1959