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Historic Discussion Material on the Nature of

Revolutionary Continuity



"But we began the struggle a long time before that. If Pivert thought in a critical manner he would understand that without the long preparatory work of the “Trotskyists” in all probability he would not yet have broken with Blum. From the broad historical outlook, the PSOP as a whole is only a by product of the struggle of Trotskyism. Can it be that Pivert considers this “practical result” insignificant?

Leon Trotsky (1939)


"With the passage of time, a slow drift in the appreciation of old events occurs in the Marxist movement, leading at certain points to sharp departures from what had been previously taken for granted. Sometimes what is in essence a higher and more comprehensive synthesis is arrived at with only incidental loss of particular detail known in an earlier period; and sometimes an essential grasp of reality is dissipated. Which predominates depends on considerations larger than and sometimes remote from the event under consideration."

Spartacist League (1973)




Added 9/15/09; Stagnation and Progress of Marxism, by Rosa Luxemburg (1903)


Added 9/15/09; On U.S. Trotskyist History Extract first printed in Marxist Bulletin No 3 Part IV  "Conversations With Wohlforth: Minutes of the Spartacist-ACFI (American Committee for the Fourth International) Unity Negotiating Sessions June-October 1965


Added 9/15/09; War and the Workers League First printed in Workers Vanguard #7, April, 1972. 


Added 9/15/09 Revolutionary Continuity & the Split in the Fourth International   First printed in 1917 #8, Summer 1990.




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