For the rebirth of the Fourth International! - Pelo renascimento da Quarta Internacional!

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The following letter was recieved pn 12/9/10 in response to Coletivo Lenin/Brazil breaks relations with the International Bolshevik Tendency



All I can say is Wow!!!!  


Very, very positively refreshing!  It's heartening to know that there exists in this world a group of young, committed, dedicated and willing to learn revolutionists with essentially the Program of the SL and IBT, but who are _actually_ eager to put the values of democratic centrialism to use in the service of the over-arching goal to fucking get the hell out of capitalism.  Who want to actually _try_ things out, using creativity, trial and error, and honest discussion in the service of moving forward say fuck you to protecting the fiefdoms and decaying carcasses of old entrenched bureaucratic farts.