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Historic Documents on Pabloism



In this section of our web site we will repost a variety of documents produced by Revolutionary Regroupment's political predecessors, concentrating on the post-WW 2 period of the Trotskyist movement. While we seek to continue the work and build on the contributions of those who came before us, we do not dogmatically defend past mistakes that may inevitably have been committed. Therefore our posting these documents reflects broad agreement, not an uncritical adherence to every secondary argument and formulation. For a fuller documentation see the Marxists Internet Archive ( and material published on the web site of the International Bolshevik Tendency ( before our break with them on 9/25/08.  



Added 9/8/10; Letter on Yugoslavia  by Jock Haston. Sent to the IEC by the RCP (Britain), 1948.


Added 11/25/09; Open Letter to B.S.F.I. (British Section of the Fourth International) by Ted Grant, September/October 1950


Added 11/25/09; Where is Pablo going? by Bleibtreu-Favre, La Verite, June 1951


Added 5/4/10; Letters exchanged between Daniel Renard and James P. Cannon, February 16 and May 9, 1952


Added 11/25/09; A Letter to Trotskyists Throughout the World First published in The Militant, 16 November 1953. From the 25th Anniversary Plenum of the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party.


Added 5/4/10; The Chinese Experience With Pabloite Revisionism And Bureaucratism by Peng Shuzi. Letter to James P. Cannon, December 30, 1953


Added 4/20/11; Lessons of the Chinese Revolution Vincent Grey (Vince Copeland). First printed in Fourth International,  Summer 1954. 


Added 11/25/09; The Bolivian Revolution and the Fight Against Revisionism  by Sam Ryan. First printed in the Socialist Workers Party Discussion Bulletin, October 1954.


Added 5/21/10; In Defense of a Revolutionary Perspective  March 1962; Statement of Basic Position by the Revolutionary Tendency. Presented to the June 1962 plenary meeting of the SWP National Committee. Reprinted in Marxist Bulletin #1 


Added 5/21/10; Trotskyism Betrayed: The SWP accepts the political method of Pabloite revisionism   by the National Committee of the Socialist Labour League, July 21, 1962


Added 5/4/0; The Centrism of the SWP and the Tasks of the Minority  By Jim Robertson & Larry Ireland. September 6, 1962 


Added 4/20/11; Opportunism & Empiricism by the National Committee of the Socialist Labour League, March 23, 1963. 


Added 5/21/10; Toward Rebirth of the Fourth International   DRAFT RESOLUTION ON THE WORLD MOVEMENT submitted to the 1963 SWP Convention by the Revolutionary Tendency.


Added 2/6/11; For Black Trotskyism by James Robertson and Shirley Stoute  3 July 1963  First printed in SWP Discussion Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 30, republished in Marxist Bulletin No. 5.


Added 11/25/09; Spartacist Statement to the International Conference by Jim Robertson. First printed in Spartacist  #6, June-July 1966, 


Added 2/6/11; Communist Working Collective Theses on Pabloism, Inverted Pabloism and the Fourth International August 19, 1971. 


Added 5/4/10; The SWP and the Fourth lnternational, 1946-54:Genesis of Pabloism   First printed in Spartacist English edition No. 21, Fall 1972. 


Added 9/8/10; Origins of Canadian Pabloism by Arnold Michaels and Murray Smith. First printed in Spartacist Canada #4, February 1976. 


Added 4/20/11; Workers Power & the Fourth International  Extract from a letter to Workers Power from the International Bolshevik Tendency, May 5 1988. 


Added 5/21/10; Polemic with USec Supporter: Revolutionary Program vs. `Historical Process'  First printed in1917 No.5, Winter 1988-89.


Added 11/25/09; Revolutionary Continuity & the Split in the Fourth International First printed in1917 #8, Summer 1990.