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Marxist Polemic Series


State & Counterrevolution:

Trotskyist Polemics on the Fall of the USSR


by Samuel Trachtenberg


(To be posted in installments. Partial Contents)



Main Contents


1) Introduction to the Marxist Polemic Series

2) Preface to State & Counterrevolution

3) Getting Russia Right

4) LRP's 'Revisions of Basic Theory'

5) IG: Trotsky's "Transitional Program" or Robertson's "Political Compass"?







1) The USSR and Problems of the Transitional Epoch  by Leon Trotsky, 1938

2) On the Nature of the USSR - by Jim Cullen, December 10, 1988 (presentation at debate with the LRP)

3) Counterrevolution Triumphs in USSR - IBT statement, September 1991

4) Reformism Vs. Reformism in the CPUSA - Reprinted from 1917 West #1, Spring 1992