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Misc. Documents of Archival/Historic Interest



In this section of our web site we will repost a variety of documents produced by Revolutionary Regroupment's political predecessors, concentrating on the post-WW 2 period of the Trotskyist movement. While we seek to continue the work and build on the contributions of those who came before us, we do not dogmatically defend past mistakes that may inevitably have been committed. Therefore our posting these documents reflects broad agreement, not an uncritical adherence to every secondary argument and formulation. For a fuller documentation see the Marxists Internet Archive ( and material published on the web site of the International Bolshevik Tendency ( before our break with them on 9/25/08.



Added 3/30/10; "The "Law of the Falling Tendency of the Rate of Profit": It's Place in the Marxist Theoretical System and Relevance to the US Economy" (11 MB pdf file). 1963 doctoral dissertation by a leader of the Revolutionary Tendency in the Socialist Workers Party and subsequently Spartacist League in the US.


Added 3/14/09: What Is Revolutionary Leadership? (Second Edition) Articles originally printed in Labour Review (theoretical journal of the Socialist Labour League of Britain) and republished by the Spartacist League with introductory and supplemental material.


Added 9/18/10; "Healy Reconstructs the Fourth International". Originaly published in June 1966 by the Socialist Workers Party in the US with a preface by Joseph Hansen as "Healy 'Reconstructs' the Fouth International: Documents by Participants in a Fiasco." A selection of correspondence from the participants in the 1966 International Committee conference..


Added 5/10/10; Seize the Opportunity! Revolutionary Regroupment  First printed in Spartacist # 14, November-December 1969.


Added 3/17/11; Healyites, Messengers of Qaddafi First printed in Workers Vanguard #158, May 20, 1977. 


Added 5/10/10; Jim Robertson's infamous 1977 "Goatfucker" Speech (3.47 mb) documenting a key moment in the Spartacist League's degeneration. Posted for archival purposes only and originally reprinted as "What the Spartacist Really Stands For" by CommunistCadre. 


Updated 6/20/10, Miitant Longshoreman (1/31/81 - 7/25/87). 22 issues published by Howard Keylor after his resignation from the Spartacist League/US.


Added 2/23/10; FROM NEW YORK TO SRI LANKA: IT IS DESPERATELY NECESSARY TO FIGHT!   A Call to Struggle Against the Degeneration of the iSt. First public statement of the External Tendency of the international Spartacist tendency. October 1982.


Added 3/14/09: On the Spartacist Tendency. Excerpt from a 6/16/88 letter from Bill Logan on behalf of the Permanent Revolution Group (New Zealand) to the Communist Left (New Zealand).


Added 9/18/10; Truth or Consequences First printed in 1917 #8, Summer 1989.


Added 3/14/09: No Vote to the SPD/No Vote to the PDS,Critical Electoral Support to the SpAD Statement 11/17/90. Distributed by the German supporters of the International Bolshevik Tendency,  translated and reprinted in the Spartacist League's "Hate Trotskyism, Hate the Spartacist League" series (#6).  


Added 3/17/11; A Marxist Programme for the Socialist Labour Party Reprinted in every issue of Marxist Bulletin from #1 (April 1997) to # 6 (February 1998). 


Added 3/13/10, Greetings to Clara Fraser's Memorial Meeting by Samuel Trachtenberg. April 19, 1998.


Added 3/17/11; Letter to the Internationalist Group on the Ukraine Scandal by Samuel Trachtenberg. August 28, 2003]