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Historic Documents on

Capitalist Counterrevolution in the Soviet Bloc



In this section of our web site we will repost a variety of documents produced by Revolutionary Regroupment's political predecessors, concentrating on the post-WW 2 period of the Trotskyist movement. While we seek to continue the work and build on the contributions of those who came before us, we do not dogmatically defend past mistakes that may inevitably have been committed. Therefore our posting these documents reflects broad agreement, not an uncritical adherence to every secondary argument and formulation. For a fuller documentation see the Marxists Internet Archive ( and material published on the web site of the International Bolshevik Tendency ( before our break with them on 9/25/08.



Added 8/31/10; Eyeywitness Reports: The Collapse of the DDR First printed in 1917 #8, Summer 1990.


Added 4/5/09: Death Agony of Stalinism  First printed in 1917 #8, Summer 1990. Also appended is a 9/9/04 letter to the Internationalist Group further elaborating the IBT position on the events discussed.


Added 8/31/10; The National Question in the USSR  First printed in 1917 #10 3rd Quarter 1991.


Added 4/5/09: Counterrevolution Triumphs in USSR. September 1991 statement by the International Bolshevik Tendency, republished in 1917 #11, Third Quarter 1992.


Added 8/31/10; Yeltsin's Counterrevolution Was the Greater Threat   First printed in 1917 West #1, Spring 1992.  Article based on presentation at a November 1991 International Bolshevik tendency debate with the Revolutionany Trotskyist Tendency [today known as Humanists Workers for Revolutionary Socialism] 


Added 4/5/09: Soviet Rubicon and the Left. First printed in 1917 #11, Third Quarter 1992.


Added 4/5/09: Getting Russia Right. The following letter by Samuel Trachtenberg was distributed at a Partisan Defense Committee event in New York in December 1994. It was reprinted in 1917 #16, 1995.